Charging Towards An Electric Hire Fleet – THE FIRST IN NI

With the recent announcements from Ford, Volvo, Volkswagen and many other vehicle manufacturers, electric cars are a prevalent topic of conversation. With these manufacturers announcing their plans for electric vehicles in the future and many advising they will no longer be manufacturing combustion engines in years to come, electric sales are on the rise.

We are seeing many more electric vehicles on the roads in NI and ROI and many are harnessing the economical benefits that the electric vehicles provide. With running costs at a third of those of combustion engines and with improving range it is the most beneficial solution to many new car buyers.

At MIS, we provide like-for-like replacement hire vehicles to those who have been involved in a non-fault accident. With the increase of electric vehicles on our roads it is predicted that the number of electric vehicles involved in accidents will in turn increase also (not due to the fact it is an electric vehicle in itself). We don’t want to see these drivers suffer. We want to be able to continue like-for-like vehicles to all clients including electric vehicle owners.

MIS are extremely excited to announce that we have now added the first electric vehicles to our wide ranging fleet to provide these replacement vehicles to those in need. Electric vehicle owners should not have to revert back to combustion engines following an accident in order to keep them on the road and our fleet will change/develop in line with consumer trends over the next 10 years.

We appreciate that many electric vehicle owners have opted to drive these to help in the conscious effort against climate change and we don’t want them to feel they have to diminish these efforts by reverting to a combustion engine whilst awaiting on their electric vehicle to be repaired.

We are excited to continue to move forward in this venture in a conscious effort to help the public and the environment!

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