The MIS Letter Project

Are you involved in a local project? Whether its with school, a club, or a charity… Then check out ‘The MIS Letter Project’.

We want to be more involved in our community, so we are offering a small donation of support! Read on to find out more!!

On 23rd of April, it was Shakespeare Day! We are celebrating by launching “The M.I.S. Letter Project”.

In June 2018, The Daily Express did a survey in the UK and found out that young people hardly ever pick up a pen, with 65% of 25-34-year olds using one fewer than five times a week!!

To celebrate Shakespeare Day, we would like to provide one local community project, school or club with a token of support up to the value of £500. This could be for a specific purchase of equipment / supplies; or meet a specific need perhaps for a repair or other service; or we could release some of our staff to carry out some work for which you require volunteers.
All we ask is that you go back in time and send us a handwritten letter, explaining how and why your project should be picked. Send it to,

The M.I.S. Letter Project
MIS Claims
37 Comber Road
BT16 2AA

Closing date for receipt of letters is 21st May 2019.

Terms & conditions: 
The writer must be able to provide evidence of their project / group by way of charity or club registration, website or social media page.

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